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Bhopal is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The area around the city has a history stretching back to antiquity. The nearby rock shelters of Bhimbetka date from the Mesolithic period, and have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Madhya Pradesh’s aboriginal people – the Gonds and the Bhils – continue to live in the forests and villages of the region.

The area around Bhopal is also home to an ancient urban civilization, dating from the 6th century BCE. Buddhism, Jainism and Brahmanism have all flowered in this area. The Great Stupa at Sanchi, built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE, is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The city of Bhopal itself is very interesting to visit. Established in the 1700’s by an Afghan chieftain, the city was subsequently ruled for over a century by four women (the famous Begums of Bhopal), and went on to become the second largest Muslim princely state after Hyderabad. It is home to some outstanding architecture and houses some of the best museums of the country.

Bhopal is also a good starting point for longer itineraries through Madhya Pradesh. There is much to be seen, including tiger sanctuaries, cultural sites and sites of great natural beauty.

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